Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another design...

Anne replied today, saying that
"in true Unitarian fashion" different parts of each design appealed to her. She liked the front aurora design of stole 1 and the back collar of stole 2 (especially the moon!) She liked the lighter and thinner trees on stole 3.
So, I've combined those elements into what you see here.
I will be using overlays of organzas to get the desired colours; this will make the fabric aurora shimmer and shine. As for the trees, I will decide that at the end. Some experimentation with appliqued fabric and thread will be in order.
Thanks for your feedback and comments. Glad to know I have some readers!


  1. Janet, I'm always in awe of your work. What an interesting process, I can't wait to see the results of this. Especially using all those dark ties from the congregation. I think the yellow one is quite squnky.


  2. Of the four I liked the bottom two that you showed. The colors are livelier than the first two. I like the trees because it could represent groundedness, but then I am not so sure because just having the sky opens it up to infinite possibilities. The one withuot the trees seems a bit more spiritual, and more balanced in some way because trees, especially with all the environmental issues these days may tend to be too much about nature to the exclusion of all the other aspects of Unitarianism. If there are trees in the shawl maybe something else would have to be added. Like a building or people, or symbol among the trees.

  3. These drawings are wonderful Janet!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your steps along the way. I love watching the project unfold and reading the range of comments from others. Such a diversity of thought ... creative process indeed!

    One particularly magical aspect of the northern lights is that they can't be captured ... that they are so rarely what we expect, moving and shifting just as we think we have a grip on them.

    My expectation of your artistic representation is much the same ... that it is an image crafted both from your understanding and from your imagination ... something unique and unrepeatable ... like the lights themselves. I suspect that the journey from drawing to stole is likely to move and shift much the same way, and surprise all of us.

    However you piece the stole ... however you embellish or finish the design ... it will be one magical moment in time, essentially perfect, because it is your interpretation of Winter Solstice/Aurora Borealis and of fiber artistry ... and that, after all, is why we chose you!

    Watching with eager anticipation :-)

    Love Anne

  4. wow, what a treat to see the process so clearly, and I love the end result. The pockets are a great touch. Can I use that idea on my next stole?
    Congratulations, Janet.
    Judy Villett