Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kimiko's Stole...the designing continues

Thanks for the comments about the stole designs. Kimiko "waffled" between #2 and #4 so I've developed a couple more sketches based on her comments about what she liked about each of the designs. Here are designs # 5 and #6.
I went into my inventory of neckties (I have way too many!) and found some suitable greens, browns and blue-greens to augment Kimiko's collection. Most of the neckties are still from her father, and the brown and blue silk kimonos are from her mother's family. The cords that you see spiralling on top of the materials are from another family member and I think they're the cording--kumihimo--used in tying an obi.
Another design element in this stole will be the crane at centre back. This wonderful piece of metallic thread embroidery is on one of the kimono.
I had hoped to have this stole finished by the time I leave for Vancouver next Tuesday, however I don't want to rush--I have a myriad of other projects and volunteer commitments on my plate.

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