Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ideas for Svinda's red stole

This red stole is for Pentecost--the flames of the spirit indicated by strong vertical lines--and will be worn by Svinda at her ordination at the end of May (because it will be the season of Pentecost). The back view could be a flame, or I could use a motif found on one of the scarves in Svinda's box (next image).

Here's a close-up of the motif painted on a silk scarf.

And this little treasure of a Chinese embroidery appeared in my mailbox a few weeks ago, sent by a friend of Svinda's from New Brunswick. This will be a challenge to cut into! A challenge from the point of view of where to cut, i.e. what motif to isolate (it's too big to use on its own). I could cut out the embroidered peony (lower middle) or one of the birds in either of the corners. I think the dragon or lion in the middle is a little too fierce to use!

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  1. Hi, Janet.
    The peonie and birds would be perfect but could you also isolate some of the blue circular motifs as small accents? The bottom bands of colour could be placed at the bottoms or bottom corners of the shawl side panels. Have no idea of the size of the embroidery, perhaps it is too small.