Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Starting a New Stole

This stole has been commissioned by a congregation as a gift for a departing pastor.  It has to be green for Ordinary Times, and a Tree of Life motif was requested.  The narrow width of a stole (about 5 1/2 inches) does not allow much room for such a large motif--it was my husband Lloyd who suggested using the negative space in between the two lengths as the trunk of the tree.  I think that was a pretty good idea!

Designs #1and #2
 I sent this image to the client a few days ago and she indicated that she liked the motif in #1 and the water in #2.
A wonderful array of materials--neckties and cotton fabrics--was collected by the congregation.
Design #3 combines the tree of #1 and the water in #2.
I've also stitched some sample leaf and stem shapes.  
 I think I'll be making a lot of cording for stems and faced shapes for the leaves!  These will be appliquéd onto the background.

I plan to piece a light green background out of these fabrics:
"Water" on the left and background materials on the right.
Materials for leaves, stems and trunk

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