Thursday, March 20, 2014

Favourite Images from Cuba

In no particular order...
We went on a bird watching tour with a passionate young park naturalist who was excited that we saw over 40 species.  I was most taken with the flamingos.  This was in the Cienaga de Zapata (the Zapata Swamp) near the Bay of Pigs.
Idolka on the left, and Maite on the right, two friends who jointly operate two wonderful casa particulars in Moron across the street from each other.  This is where we stayed for the first three nights and it was a fabulous introduction to Cuba. 
Idolo del Agua in the Sendero Arqueologico Naturel el Guafe trail in Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma.  Carved from stalagmites by per-Columbian Indians.
A lunch of fruit and chocolate in a farmer's home near Baracoa.  We learned how cacao is processed into chocolate in the countryside.
We hired a guide, Jose Angel Delfino Perez, for two days exploring the area around Baracoa.   He really knew his history, natural and social.
A physician making house calls in the mountains of Sierra Maestra near Hotel El Salton.
Cueva de los Portales in the mountains west of Havana, where Che Guevara set up the headquarters of the Western Army during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  We were treated to a personal tour by the attendant who is a high school history teacher and has a Master's in Cuban Revolutionary History.  Well worth the trip!
Lloyd's favourite Cuban dessert:  flan, aka creme caramel.  He is well on the way to perfecting his own version.
The Banco Metropolitano used to be a Bank of Nova Scotia!  In the background you can see some Cuban legs wearing lacy fish net stockings--all the rage.  I was tempted...
Lloyd with his foot on a sign post in Vedado, Havana.  This is why it was initially so difficult to find our way in Havana...we were looking up for street signs when we should have been looking down!
Papa Hemingway and his look-a-like.
Pelicans preening on the beach at Varadero, not paying any attention to us.

Sunset at Varadero, our last night.

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