Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sevilla, one last time!

The final posting from Spain, and for this trip!
Andalusia is mad about flamenco, and it is so obvious here in Seville where there are shop windows of flamenco dresses...

It was also amazing to see the number of fabric stores with fabrics that would be perfect for stitching up a flamenco dress. (I didn't even go through the doors...I have some pretty nice fabric at home...) We did see a flamenco performance a few nights ago. This was an option with the Feel the City tour organization. The night started off with a glass of sherry on a terrace overlooking the cathedral, nicely lit up, with Beatriz who explained the passion and history of flamenco. It seems to have its origins amongst the marginalized...the Gypsies, Moriscos and others living on the edges of society, hence the sadness and passion in the singing. Well, "singing" is a nice way of describing the music...unfortunately the singer seemed to be shouting. We were in a very small, intimate space, and it was too loud! Amazing how loud clapping and finger snapping can be! Oh dear, I feel very curmudgeonly! Maybe it's time to come home! 

Today we had a very leisurely start....didn't emerge until close to 11 AM and then stopped for a café con leche and a little knitting time in the sun...

And then we crossed over the river into the community of Triana and site of the '92 world's fair (looking a little desolate--they haven't managed to make good use of this land and buildings.)  In Triana, we heard a marching band...followed the sound and came across a procession...

And the famous bridge, Puente de Isabel II, built over a 150 years ago and modelled after one in Paris. 

Finished off with lunch in a neighbourhood bar. Lloyd had gazpacho and potatas bravas while I enjoyed fried fish, omelette and salad. While we were eating, a petite older woman (dressed in a suit) strode in, and by the time she got to the bar there was a glass of beer waiting for her. She drank this while reading the newspaper, and then walked out, a little more slowly and not in a straight line! We were left wondering if this was a daily occurrence or just on Sundays. Here is the barman, quite the character...

We are now packing up and getting ready for our 7 AM flight tomorrow to Lisbon, then Frankfurt and Calgary, and finally home to Kelowna at 5:45. We will have been about 20 hours in transit by the time we arrive. 

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  1. Joanne C, ArmstrongMarch 1, 2015 at 1:31 PM

    Travel safely - the weather is beautiful here, a bit chilly at nights, but otherwise very pleasant.