Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This Creative Process...

Ah, the wonders of the creative process...periods of intense activity followed by lots of contemplative time. This "down time" is a very important part of the process, and over the years I have come to appreciate that I can't rush this sub-conscious phase. It's a time of pondering challenges, thinking about technical issues, or just searching or even waiting for inspiration. I am definitely in the sub-conscious phase at the moment with respect to this stole. I have so appreciated all the comments and feedback so far. Lorian's comments about the "lines" of northern lights (short verticals creating a horizontal sweep) got me thinking about the challenges of interpreting these magnificent spectacles in fabric...and yes, even the audacity of trying to do so! Well, I'm over the feeling of "how dare I?" now (that didn't last very long--just a brief couple of hours in the middle of the night earlier this week--isn't that when any issue looms larger?) Now I'm into more practical contemplation of the technical challenges that may lie ahead. Meanwhile I've had to shift gears into high production to get ready for upcoming Christmas sales. I find that sewing, pressing, and knitting are great times for thinking through some other issues--while I'm stitching on something for the sales my mind is in neutral, a wonderful time for inspiration to strike. Next week I expect to play around with various materials and samples and I will post images here. Thanks especially to Anne for your support and enduring confidence!

For those of you in the Okanagan, come to the Artisan's Faire at the Vernon Lodge this Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I'm setting up a booth at the Vernon Arts Centre in Polson Park and will be there for the month of December. I have some interesting jackets (which I call "cardi-shrugs" because they're like a shrug but also similar to a cardigan) and lots of handknit scarves for sale this year. I also have a few interesting felted and knit bags.

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  1. Janet,

    Walking away and letting ideas percolate is the most important part of the creative process. The left brain is telling you that you can't and the right brain is saying that you can do anything you want to do.

    Keeping your left brain busy with pressing and sewing (or driving, cycling roller blading, cross-country skiing, etc), allows your right brain to do the thing it does best, solve problems creatively.