Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Red Stole--lining and piping

The piecing is over--now onto the more fussy finishing work of the lining, piping, and so on.
In the box of red ties were also several "fat quarters" (a quilters' term for a square of fabric measuring about 22" x 18").  I like to use cotton for the lining because it makes the stole "sticky" and less prone to sliding around when worn, so I cut several strips off each fabric and stitched them together randomly.  This will make for an interesting lining.  

The future wearer's mother did this piece of cross stitch.   Initially the plan was for me to incorporate it into the piecing somewhere on the stole, however when she washed it, the red thread bled into the white background leaving a pink haze.  I have decided to create a pocket from this piece and attach it to the lining of the stole--women's clothing always lacks pockets, so why not give her one on her stole?  Perfect for a key, business card, note...

Attaching the piping--this particular tie was a patriotic mash-up of the US flag.

The jumble of piping--one of the ties included cartoon characters.

This is a deacon stole and needs to be attached at the side hip.  I decided on three covered cords, the number three being an important number in the Christian tradition.

Stole Front--piping is attached and waiting for the lining.  You'll see less of the piping once the lining is added.

Stole back.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Red Stole, continued...

I made great progress yesterday...
The piecing is finished.

Brightly patterned candidates for piping.  These ties were too "busy" to incorporate into the piecing but they'll make fabulous piping.

Preparing for the next step...trimming the pieces using the paper pattern.
Now onto my other weekend activities...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Red Stole Progress

I think I was a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of materials to work with, and my desire (and my commissioner's hope) to include a little bit of each material in the stole.  I cut a strip from each tie or fabric length a week ago, and left them all ready to go...
Strips laid over the ironing board with the samples on the wall behind.
Finally, yesterday was the day to get started. This stole is a deacon's stole which comes across the chest from one shoulder and hangs down at the side.  I started by cutting a piece of foundation fabric (unbleached cotton) wide enough for the two pieces that will hang at the side.
The piecing has begun.

Detail of the piecing at the sewing machine.

Adding foundation fabric for the two pieces that will go over the shoulder.

Extending the piecing into the shoulder pieces.

One of the wonderful fabrics received in the box--both sides are useful. 

Piecing is still in progress, but the foundation has been cut apart--it was getting too cumbersome as one piece.
So, a good day's work!  Now to finish the piecing...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another Ordination Stole is Taking Shape...

A big box of red materials (mainly ties) arrived mid-March.
Along with the ties is a beautiful piece of cross stitch to be incorporated.

These were collected by the friends and family supporting the ordination of a young woman in June.  Because the stole is a surprise, I am not going to use either her name, denomination or location.  Her mother is pretty confident that her daughter is so busy with family and studies that she is unlikely to stumble across my blog, thus I have been given permission to post the progress.

Sorted materials. 

The interfacing has been stripped out (by Lloyd) and the ties have been washed.

The next step is to press each tie until dry.

Design #1.
Red for Pentecost represents dynamic spirituality and the passion of being on fire with the Spirit. 

Design #2
Because there are so many ties, scarves and other fabrics, I want to come up with a design to incorporate a little bit of each one.  I ran into some technical construction issues with Design #1.  Design #2 is easier to stitch plus I feel the lines are more dynamic.  This is probably the direction I will take with this stole.  What do you think?