Monday, May 16, 2011

Svinda has received her stoles

I think she looks pretty happy!

This is the stole she'll be wearing on her ordination day at the end of May.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Svinda's Ordination Stole is Finished!

These are the jazzy ties I selected to use for the piping. I have found that wildly patterned ties with contrasting colours look their best as piping around the edges.

A jumble of completed piping, ready to attach to the stole edges.

The finished stole for Svinda's ordination into the United Church of Canada on Pentecost.

The back of the stole. The flames were created with layers of yellow and red organza on top of gold and copper metallic fabric, and then stitched with red and gold embroidery threads. I'm really pleased with that striped piping!

A closer look at the lower finished edges.

I'm not quite ready to release these to Canada Post just yet--I'm taking them with me to Vancouver to use as visual aids for my talk to the Vancouver Guild of Fibre Arts May 12th. So, I get to live with them for just a bit longer!