Sunday, December 13, 2009

Letting go...

Anne asked for a photo of me wearing the stole. Here are some we took this morning on our front porch. And just for fun, I took a photo looking down at all the beads!

I'll be mailing the stole to Anne tomorrow (Monday) and it will arrive in time to be worn for the Winter Solstice service at Edmonton City Hall, 7 PM, December 21st. Wish I could be there!

Always at the end of a big project like this when I have experienced the ebb and flow (highs and lows) of the creative process, there is a period of "letting go"...a separation time. I'm lucky to have all these experiences!

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  1. I use Internet Explorer 8 and was given the option of adding your blog to my Favourites Bar so that whenever there is a change/addition/update to your blog, the blog name is bold. Works really well for me.

    The stole is stunning!

    Creations have so much of the designer/creator in them, that it seems natural to feel the separation when it goes to the recipient. You are sending something of yourself away. Like children leaving home.