Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The stole is finished!

Here it is...the completed stole. I decided not to embellish with trees afterall. The image became quite abstract--almost as tho' the materials dictated the outcome! I decided that adding trees would be an attempt to make this a more realistic portrayal rather than the abstract image that it has become.

The piping is made from some sparkling green organza, and the lining comprises several scarves plus a pashmina shawl. One scarf was a souvenir from the Edmonton Folk Festival which I laid over the pashmina in the neck and shoulder area for reinforcement. Amongst the ties and scarves sent to me was a charming little Chinese embroidery, and I had the bright idea this morning of converting this into a pocket on the lower inside lining. On the other side is another pocket made from two scarves with musical notes. Anne can use these for a kleenex, key, card...?

I did create an image of the full moon on the back using a little lame and organza--this is one of the few decisions made at the outset that I kept!

I spent a pleasant hour this afternoon drinking tea and chatting with a friend while she was knitting, and I sewed on a multitude of beads to add a little more sparkle. It was a delightful way to finish off the stole.


  1. It is wonderful when projects take on a life of their own. I doesn't take as long as I thought it would to design and create a stole, but you've done this before...

    I just discovered by accident that double clicking on the image opens a larger more detailed version.

    Love the piping and the secret pockets. It is a stunning creation.

  2. This is gorgeous. I can't wait to see it for real! Love the folk fest scarf hidden in the back!


  3. Yes, Judy, by all means, put pockets in your next stole!
    I'll be mailing the stole on Monday--you folks in Edmonton will get a good look at it soon! Thanks for all the positive comments.