Sunday, December 6, 2009

To continue...

It was high time I put the two halves of the stole up on the design wall to have a good look at it vertically. Here's an image of the stole from a distance and up close.
Now to decide on the embellishment...beads have been suggested for some sparkle...the piping might have some sparkle too. I've pretty much decided against using any organza overlays as I did in the sample. I'm happy with the way the yellows and greens glow...
Thanks for all your comments whether made publically on this blog or privately to me in person or by e-mail. All remarks are welcome and grist for the mill. It's encouraging to know I have interested readers!


  1. The colour placement and flow is very pleasing. Did you use all the ties?

    The placement of the "peaks" near the bottom, keeps the viewer engaged preventing the viewer's gaze from slipping off the bottom of the design if the line was smooth.

    Very nice.

  2. Oh Janet! What a delight!

    I love the tiny stars and the way the light green glows ... it already sparkles!

    Did I mention that I love sparkle? ;-)

    You must be thrilled with your progress!

    groove on ...