Saturday, March 20, 2010

India Vignette #2: More colour...

Further to my post yesterday and the colourful fabrics hanging out to dry (I love a good looking clothesline!), here is colour expressed in another fashion--the Hindu festival of Holi. This is celebrated every year at the full moon just before the spring equinox, and this year was March 1st. We felt so fortunate to be involved in the farm's celebration of "dry" holi, meaning that dry powder was used in a careful way as opposed to the "wet" holi where coloured water (or paint?) is sprayed everywhere.
The boys (and some girls) living in the nearby village were the first to visit, and after sprinkling a little of their powder on our host's feet, they were sprinkled in return. And they all received a cookie (I felt like telling them to wash their hands!)

My feet were sprinkled too!

The final visitors were the girls and women who sang and danced.

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