Sunday, March 21, 2010

India Vignette #3: What caught my eye...

When I downloaded my images to the computer, I reviewed them quickly, discarding the blurry ones and rotating any that needed to be turned. I realized with this quick look, that I am particularly fond of layered images...images with repeating pillars, corners, edges, doorways, etc. Here is a selection of what caught my eye taken at a variety of historic sites. I have labelled them all so if you
double-click to enlarge them, you will also see the label. Click on the back arrow at the top of your browser to return to the blog.


  1. Love them. It is the pattern repeats that attract me. They pull the eye right into the image to determine what is at the very back.

    I, too, have a collection of photographed architectural details, not just from historical places. Look around your hometown, you may find some interesting shots.

  2. Good point...sometimes the most interesting sources of inspiration are right here at home.