Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knitting in India...

Wendy and I often relaxed in this fashion at the end of the we are on the patio of our hotel near the Ramthambore tiger reserve. We're both knitting socks--Wendy has two socks going on one long circular needle, while I am knitting Entrelac socks in the more usual way with double pointed needles--and sharing a 1 litre bottle of Kingfisher beer. Our preferred beverage would have been white wine, but that was hard to find in India!

Other places we knit included (1) on the train to Delhi, (2) standing in line waiting for the Ahmedabad Calico Museum to open, and (3) occasionally in the car. We didn't see any other knitters on our travels--this might be something that people would do further north where it's not quite so hot.

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