Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Liturgical Stole...

I've been commissioned by Kimiko Karpoff's family to create a stole celebrating her graduation as a deacon in May 2011. I met with Kimiko and her mother Lily last summer at Naramata to review the materials...a brown silk haori and a blue silk kimono which had both belonged to family members, and a selection of Lily's husband's neckties (reds and blues). I pulled these materials out of the bag last week and sorted them into their colour families.

These colours make me think of earth and water, or fire and water.

Given Kimiko's Japanese heritage it made sense to check Designer's Guide to Japanese Patterns, Book 2 by Jeanne Allen for wave and water patterns:

Getting my coloured pencils out, I then played around with some ideas...

Which one do you prefer? Double click any image to make it bigger!


  1. nice to see that you're blogging again. What about some flames for the red/fire?

  2. Hi, Janet.

    I like #3.

    #4 reminds me of a road.


  3. I like the design of number 3, but maybe with more red - somewhere between 2 and 3. :-)