Friday, February 4, 2011

Knit a Perfect Fitting Sock

One of the workshops at the upcoming Okanagan Knitting Retreat is "Knit a Perfect Fitting Sock" with Paulette Lane of Vancouver. Sign up for the retreat at

How do your socks fit? Do they bag around the ankles? Do they wrinkle up uncomfortably when you put your shoes on? Do you always cast on the same number of stitches and then wonder why the socks are not quite right?

The goal is a snug fit on the foot without any excess fabric that bunches up in your shoes. Some critical measurements of the foot are key to knitting the ideal socks for YOUR feet. Most sock patterns have you decrease at the heel gusset to the number of stitches cast on. Well, if your arch measurement is smaller (or larger) than your calf, you will need fewer (or more) stitches for the foot. Knitting the right shape of toe for the shape of YOUR toes is also important—are your toes short and angled like a wedge, or are they long? Are they square? Paulette will review some different options for wedge toes and wide toes.

In this workshop, Paulette will guide you through the measuring process, how to knit a quickie flat tension swatch and how to choose the right yarn and needles. By the end of the workshop, you will have the perfect fitting sock, and will be able to adapt any sock pattern so that it will fit you perfectly. And because you’ve now invested all that time and money in perfect socks, Paulette will also review how to keep them from wearing out so that you don’t have to darn them.

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