Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Okanagan Knitting Retreat...optional Friday workshops

New this year is a day of workshops prior to the retreat. Paulette Lane (of PLANE Images) will be leading "It's all in the details", a reprise of a workshop from the retreat of 2009. The orange eyelet strip is a photo of an eyelet cast-on
which is a great way of starting a feather and fan pattern

Next is the Punta cast-on which comes to us from Peru. Another great way of casting on!
And finally, a picot cast-off with a garter stitch edge. All of these treatments are applicable to garments, whether it be a sweater, socks, vest or....

It's the details which can catapult a garment from the "home made with loving hands" category to the "designer" category! Simply changing a pattern from a ribbing to one of these edges and you've become a designer. Join us at the 13th annual Okanagan Knitting Retreat--download the brochure on my website at http://www.janetarmstrong.com/

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