Monday, April 11, 2011

Carolyn’s Stole, continued...

Yesterday I started piecing Carolyn's stole, using the blue ties at the bottom (representing baptism.) I'd made good progress by Sunday afternoon--above shows how I started to incorporate the reds (for Pentacost). This afternoon, I finished the piecing and trimmed both halves of the stole. And here it is on my mannequin. The dove is a paper try out the size and placement. Carolyn wants a dove like this at the centre back and upper left shoulder. These will be appliqued.


  1. Janet,
    This looks like another beauty. What a talent to transform fabric into such a meaningful symbol.

  2. Hi, Janet.
    It is so interesting to see how the stoles come together.

    Even though you always start with a set shape and purpose, each design presents its own challenges and its own aha moments. So satisfyng.


  3. This is beautiful, Janet ... I love how your swirls draw the eye upward.