Thursday, April 7, 2011

A new stole for Carolyn

Carolyn's materials arrived a few days ago. She has collected red and blue ties and scarves from her friends and family for this ordination stole. In the box of ties was a note from a member of her congregation: "My mother always told me that I would find answers to my problems at church. For three years I didn't know what to do with the ties I had removed from the tie rack. Your last Sunday at Trinity solved my problem..." It's a good thing this person didn't throw or give away the ties three years ago! (I have heard that story SO many times). Carolyn is being ordained in the Lutheran church in Pennsylvannia. She has asked for a stole which is predominantly red because she will be ordained during Pentecost. She also wants me to incorporate a little blue to reflect baptism, as well as some images of doves either on the back or on one side. Here are some possible designs for Carolyn to consider: What do you think? Comments welcome! And some other possiblities for depicting a dove:

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