Sunday, April 24, 2011

Progress on Svinda's Green Stole

I started the piecing at the lower edge using strips cut from the deep green ties and scarves. I then split the fabric into the two halves in preparation for inserting the first tree.

One of the tree motifs from a tie has been framed in a log cabin-type of piecing and added to one half.

I joined the two halves again to proceed with the horizontal piecing, this time using mainly the yellow-greens in the collection.

I finished the piecing this morning, having inserted a couple more trees. Here the two halves are pinned to the design wall in my studio.

The next step was to lay the two halves down on my cutting table and use the pattern to trim to the desired dimensions.

And finally, I've stitched the centre back seam and put the stole on my mannequin. The edges are serged.

And the back view.

To come:

(1) piping made from some of the ties and scarves

(2) back detail: three concentric circles with a cross in the intersection. I think I'll probably do this with cording covered with one of the ties.

(3) lining.

And now to join Lloyd in the garden! It's a beautiful spring day here in the Okanagan, and my job is to sweep and mop the front porch in preparation for setting up our outdoor living room. For those readers who know Lloyd, he's already taken his first outdoor shower...


  1. This is gorgeous . . . such a beautiful and creative use for all those ties and scarves!

  2. Your work is complex and beautiful ... they will be treasured for years!