Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Red Pentecost Stole continued...

The piecing completed and the first rough cut made.

The stole is being cut out.

I incorporated a third bird from the Chinese embroidery on the upper left shoulder.

The Centre Back seam is stitched and the stole is on the mannequin.

Close-up of the lower left half.

To come:

(1) Piping--there are a couple of wonderful red and gold striped ties to use.

(2) Svinda has requested a flame at centre back. Paulette has suggested that some of the blue embroidered swirls could be incorporated as an edging...Interesting idea and one that was originally suggested by the donor! This has potential, but I haven't worked out the technical process yet.

(3) Lining--cut out and ready to go.


  1. Enjoy seeing how the stoles are assembled.
    Love the movement in the curves. Trying to figure out how I can incorporate the curves into a knitting design. Fine yarn and major Intarsia.

  2. Short rows could work. Have to think about this for awhile.