Monday, April 25, 2011

Svinda's Stole for Ordinary Times is Finished!

I've just completed Svinda's green stole. A time of intense creativity has come to a close, and I'm going to take a break tomorrow before starting the red stole on Wednesday.

The back detail: I went to bed last night thinking that I would be making these circles out of turned bias strips (like spaghetti straps). I woke up with another idea...I remembered that I have a handy Clover gadget for making fusible bias tape. Within 30 minutes I had cut bias strips from one of the ties and had adhered the fusible. Casting around my studio for a template, I came across a CD--the perfect size! And not only that, it is sturdy enough to press against, forming perfect circles.

I tucked the ends into the centre back seam...

...and used some leftover bits to form the cross.

Then I converted one tie--a beautiful silk tie with "Peace" written on it in a few different languages such as "Shalom" and "Pax"--into piping. There is never quite enough fabric in one tie to make sufficient piping for the entire stole so I used part of a scarf as well.

I outlined the cross in a heavy gold metallic thread to make it stand out a bit more.

A detail view of one of the trees and the finished piping.

So, what will I do tomorrow...hmmmm....maybe I'll go on dandelion patrol. It has been my job for many years to dig up dandelions at this time of year. And I've offered to sew my neighbour a skirt, and maybe I'll do some mending... These activities definitely don't have the intensity of stole-making!

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