Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Fabulous Yarn Shopping Experience

All You Knit is Love is the name of the shop near the Picasso Museum at Barro de ferro, 8 in Barcelona. The proprietor was speaking on the phone in Spanish when we arrived obviously putting in an order judging from the few words I recognized (numbers), and when he got off the phone he addressed his customer in another language (turned out to be Catalan, the local language), and then spoke French with two other women in the shop, and finally addressed us in English! When I complimented him on his language skills he shrugged and said "that's how we live here"... And hearing that we were from Canada he started speaking French again... The shop is wonderfully browsable and full of Garn Studio yarns. I picked up some sock yarn in colours that I hadn't seen before... (yarn is so packable...) and some ceramic buttons. The business cards for this shop are on very heavy plasticized card stock and are also a needle gauge--how clever is that?! On hearing that our plans are to travel north he opened Google maps to show us where to find the maker of the buttons. Just might pay her a visit in the next few days.

Before we found the yarn shop we paid a visit to the Chocolate Museum where the ticket is a bar of chocolate! I haven't eaten mine yet--saving it for later... The cacao bean was first introduced to Europe by the Spanish explorers over 500 years ago arriving in Barcelona port. It was in Europe that it became the sweet confection we know today. We capped off our visit with a chocolata petita (small hot chocolate which is very thick, almost have to eat it with a spoon) and shared a chocolate dipped croissant...mmmmmmmm good.

I've just heard a muslim call to prayer reminding me of India. Our hotel here in Barcelona is in El Raval which is where a lot of Pakistani immigrants live.

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