Friday, June 24, 2011

Sorting images from our trip

Lloyd and I arrived home last night about 11:30 Pacific Time, after about 24 hours in transit. I was in bed within about a half hour and slept soundly until 5 AM. It's now about 4 PM and I'm feeling as though I am more or less in this time zone. It's not always this easy, but then I might feel differently tomorrow...

I am determined to sort my photos before the memories fade, and so I have actually managed to "process" all 250 of them into named folders. Interesting use of the word "process"--in this case of course meaning to sort and organize. Fortunately I don't take a lot of photos, preferring not to experience my vacation thru' my camera lens.

Herewith some images from my "yarn" folder:

Knitting after lunch at a local bar around the corner from our Barcelona hotel.

You'd think I'd never seen a yarn shop before! I was so excited to find this place, and it was a lovely shop. This is the one I wrote about previously--the co-owner is a lovely multi-lingual fellow.

And finally--yarn bombing has hit the streets of BCN! Some creative person has used the holes in a garbage can like a needlework canvas. It looks like he/she got interrupted...

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