Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day of R, R, and K on Phuket Island

Otherwise known as rest, relaxation and knitting...But the day began first with breakfast at a small establishment just up the road where we had eaten an excellent omelette the day before.  Yesterday we had to point at the eggs and vegetables, and mime the process, but today all we had to do was to say "same" and she with a wonderful smile went to work.

It's a very unassuming place--the one under the blue banner, with the green box on the left and the white box on the right.
Chopping vegetables in her kitchen, facing the street.

A view into the sizzling wok of vegetable oil--one omelette in process.

Here she is--queen of her domain.
 And then we caught the Songthaew to the town centre, and from there the songthaew to Surin Beach.  Once again we did the sarong dance, and this time Lloyd was able to use the sarong to change into his trunks.  Then off into the ocean for a frolic in the waves before retiring to the shade for beer and pineapple!  And a little knitting...
The pineapple was delicious.
 After another dip in the ocean, we had lunch at one of the vendors just above the beach--there is a large Muslim population in rural Phuket and this young woman was grilling chicken satay and corn.
Lloyd feels positively svelte beside some of these European men!!

Lloyd waiting for his satay to cook.  I had the corn--yum!

We returned to the hotel by about 4 PM and I happily continued knitting, and enjoyed a glass of South African white wine. 

The Pi shawl so far--this is a view from above, with the centre of the shawl at the bottom of the image and the working stitches at the top.  I realize this is a bit of a mystery to non-knitters but all will be revealed when I start to cast off in a week or so.  Lloyd is wondering what my next knitting project will be...  I am too!!
Tomorrow we fly to Singapore so tonight we're packing up again.  From Singapore we fly to Sri Lanka on January 18.  The "knitting around the world" adventure continues. Thanks for your feedback both on this site and to my personal e-mail. It's lovely to hear from friends at home.

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