Monday, January 9, 2012

More from Kanchananburi

Yesterday I posted images from Lloyd's camera.  I've now downloaded my pictures, and what follows is a random selection.
Our room at Apple's Retreat--a king sized bed on a platform--very comfortable.

Coconut palms

Waiting for the train at Nam Tok Station.  
Sugar cane being harvested.  We've seen lots of big trucks on the road loaded w

Knitting and surfing in the garden.  My pi shawl is coming along beautifully.  I now have 576 stitches on the needles so lots of good knitting still to come!

And here's the peace vessel again so you can see the attribution.  I was very moved by this bowl--that a man who worked with his hands to build a railroad under extreme duress found his calling in working with clay, and then has his work displayed in a very meaningful way.  That it's filled with fresh flowers every day is also special.

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  1. sounds like quite the adventure; nice that you have the connections you've mentioned in order to have a home base. I'll be watching for your posts.