Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Green Stole--lining & piping

Along with all the neckties came a beautiful selection of green cottons.  I cut a 3" strip off each one and pieced them together for the lining.  I inserted my label as well.
A finishing detail that I consider mandatory is piping.  The brown piping will be applied to the inside edges (along the "tree trunk") and the green piping along the outer edges and neckline.
Another source of amusement for me!  Just like the ladybug peeking out from under a leaf, here I've stitched some dark green leaves with a fish motif just above the "water"...

I've been able to use something from each tie or fabric sent to me.  In some cases, I used up every last scrap (the light greens for the background). 

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