Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scott's stole is almost finished.

Except for a bit of hand-stitching, this green stole is almost ready to ship.  I now have it draped on my mannequin (covered in a white sheet) to enjoy in my studio for another few days.
A Tree of Life has taken shape.

I feel however that the Tree of Life has morphed into "Leaves of Life".  I've managed to use a bit of almost every necktie from the congregation either as background, trunk, stems, or leaves.
The upper left side

Central section, both sides.
Back detail
This has been a very satisfying project.  I have revelled in the process, enjoying the luxury to work a little or a lot at any one time.  This has left me lots of thinking and planning time, an important part of the creative process.  


  1. As usual, fabulous and inspirational, Janet. This one is my favourite, though.
    Donna P.

  2. A very fabulous scarf for a VERY SPECIAL Pastor....
    Mary G