Thursday, May 3, 2012

Slow and Steady Progress...

This is the first time that I've attempted a Tree of Life motif and so I'm taking it slow and steady...I work for a few hours, then take a break, sometimes a day or more, before getting back to it.  I leave the work on my design wall so that I see it all the time--I make little changes or notes of ideas to consider.

A few days ago, I stitched the "tree trunk" using a selection of browns--solids, patterned and striped.  This morning I added the "water" below.
This is all bias-strip pieced.
My next task is to attach the stems and leaves.  I've made a pile of cording from a couple of the brown striped ties, and MANY leaves in various greens--dull, dark and bright greens.  I have managed to use a bit of every tie that was sent to me.
The "stems" have been pinned on, and I'll play with the placement over
 the next few days before committing to sewing.
Next to be pinned were the "leaves"--here's the current arrangement which will likely change:
This is a useful exercise--I've discovered that some leaves are too big.
I've learned not to ignore the "wrong" side of a fabric.  A quilting buddy of mine once said, "I've paid for both sides--I should use both sides!"  Sometimes a neck tie that is too bold or bright is better on the reverse side for the project.  This is true of these two ties:
The stripes are less obvious on the reverse side.

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