Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Tree of Life Takes Shape

Both halves of the stole have been on and off my design wall for  the past week.  Yesterday I finally felt ready to start stitching the "stems" and "leaves".  Here's a view of the stole with leaves and stems stitched down on the left side.
A view of both halves of the stole on my design wall.
One of the light green cotton fabrics used for the background had ladybugs on it.  I was able to place one of these insects so that it's just peeking out from under a leaf!

Once most of the stems and leaves were stitched down, I  trimmed the two halves with a half inch seam allowance all round and then sewed the centre back seam.

  In this image the edges have been serged and the stole is on my mannequin.
Here's a detail view of a couple of the leaves:

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