Friday, July 6, 2012

Walking the Gap of Dunloe

Yesterday was a day without rain!  After a quick breakfast at the hostel (uninspiring cornflakes and white toast), we set off to walk the Gap of Dunloe starting from the north end, about a 20 minute drive from Killarney.

At the beginning, looking back to the north
Looking ahead.  We're aiming for that gap in the mountains.
See the winding road at the end of the lake.  This looked a little daunting but in fact the gradient was very pleasant.
From near the top of that winding road looking north.  We were also sharing the road with horses pulling carts of tourists.  There were also occasional cars which is unfortunate.
One of the three lakes along the way with a horse grazing at the end.
We were back in Killarney in time for a late lunch and then I spent the rest of the afternoon in the lovely yarn shop and reading/knitting in the quiet lounge at the hostel.  The others went off exploring.

Killarney is a pretty town with lots of narrow lanes like this one.

This area reminds me of the English Lake District.  I've just read in the guide book that the town was developed as an Irish version in the 17th C. and has been welcoming tourists ever since.  The population of about 17,000 can be triple that in the height of the summer season.

These last few nights we have enjoyed toe-tapping Irish music in Murphy's Bar.  The highlight of the first night was sitting next to a 92 year old woman and her son who were here from Tipperary celebrating her birthday.  She was easily enticed to sing a song in response to the happy birthday song and then cake was enjoyed by all!

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