Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Knitting the Seasons...January...Snow! Texture in Snow!

I'm catching up this week with my "Knitting the Seasons" posts now that my liturgical work is finished for the moment.  This posting is about January.  It was difficult to settle on a theme for January because the landscape didn't look much different than in December...snow, and lots of it!  While there wasn't a lot of fresh snow, it was cold and the snow hung around...but became quite crystaline, and so I settled on a theme of Texture in Snow.  Looking out my window I saw depressions where the snow had collapsed either due to the topography or footsteps...layers, ridges and valleys of snow.
Our front yard mid-January--lumps and bumps from the plants and rocks underneath.
Random cables and crossings.
Road grit and snow
Road grit:  Random knits and purls with a variety of neutrals
Road grit:  Double moss stitch

Tire tracks were another source of inspiration...

And it sure wasn't easy trying to represent these tracks in knits and purls:

Another try, with another kind of tire track...

Still not feeling very successful, and so I thought that I would tackle these same themes but knitting with more texture such as found in twisted and travelling stitches...but that will have to wait a while.  I took a break from this project in February and March for some time out with my family, but I got back at it in April.  I'll post about that next.

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