Thursday, June 27, 2013

Knitting the Seasons...June...A rose

I can't quite believe it, but I'm on the verge of catching up my postings of this year-long project.  The theme for June was a beautiful rose in a friend's garden.
Day One

Day 2

Day 3
By Day 4, the rose had wilted, however I had knit a good-sized swatch.

Rose bud swatch

The June collection of swatches.
The rose garden.
I'm off to Alaska for three weeks, and will be trying something new for the July theme.  I've second-guessed the colours of the ocean and rain forest, and have packed a variety of small amounts of greens, blue-greens, blues, and blue-violets.  I hope to be knitting en plein air (which gives a new meaning to the knit stitch, a.k.a. "plain knitting"...)

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