Thursday, July 4, 2013

On the Alaska Marine Highway in Ketchikan

We expected lots of rain up here (the average annual rainfall is 150 inches) but we sailed from Prince Rupert and arrived in sunshine...

We have been staying at Corner B&B for the past two nights--we were met at the ferry by our host Carolyn, and whisked up the hill to her home.  After giving us about 10 minutes to settle in, she then drove us back down the hill to "downtown Kechikan", about 2 miles away for a tour of the city before dropping us off and leaving us to our own devices.  This town has about 13,000 inhabitants and the population can almost double daily with the cruise ships.  Yesterday was a light day--only 3 ships with a total of 5,500 people.  Thursdays and Fridays are the busy days with almost 10,000 passengers discharged to roam the streets of souvenir shops and jewelry stores.  We're leaving today for Wrangell aboard the ferry--away from the crowds!
The Holland American ship at the berth at the end of the street.
Many of the houses are built into the hillside, accessed by lots of stairs.  Imagine moving into these homes!  Carrying your groceries!

This staircase is just one example of a street not accessed by cars, just by pedestrians.
We bought day passes for the public bus for $2 each and rode each service to the end of the line.  At the north end is Totem Bight, a state park with totem poles copied from the originals which had decayed in their original locations some distance away, in 1938 - 43.
Totem Bight

Totem Bight
We then rode to the opposite end of the line, to the south at Saxman.
Saxman totems

At Saxman totem park.

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