Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wrapping up Wrangell and Petersburg

Some images from the last few days in these little towns...
About a mile north of the ferry terminal at Wrangell are a whole lot of petroglyphs on the beach.  It's impossible to know how old these are--anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 years ago.

We were met by a very chatty 7 year old girl who lives right above the site in a house that her great-grandma grew up in.  The roots in this community are deep.

On Sunday we took a jet boat trip up the Stikine River to the Canadian border.  The delta is immense and our captain expertly navigated around several sand bars to enter the main channel of the river.  This is one of the last wild rivers on the continent.

We stopped at Chief Shakes Lake and glacier, enjoying the immense blue icebergs.

Lloyd at the back of the boat as we were leaving the glacier.

Lloyd at one end of an iceberg.
A float home in a slough off the Stikine.  Apparently the little structure that looks like an outhouse was for a disabled man to shoot his moose for the winter.

The sidewalks of main street, Wrangell, have red glass embedded in the cement to mimic the red garnets the area is known for.

The main street of Wrangell.
We took the 7:30 PM ferry from Wrangell to Petersburg, arriving at 10:30 PM.  Our host had arranged for us to be met by Marci of Island Taxi--a very welcome sight to see her standing with a sign with our names on it.

Homes built along the edge of a tidal estuary in Petersburg.

We spent most of Monday wandering around the town of Petersburg, a very active fishing town.  There are several fish and seafood packing plants in town--upwards of 600 seasonal workers (many of them college students from the lower 48) come for the work and live in bunkhouses.

A carved bench in a front yard.

Sea Level B&B, our home away from home!  Built in 1999 on the site of a former warehouse.

Sea Level B&B from the ferry when we left for Juneau yesterday.

Sea Lions resting on the last navigation buoy as we left the Wrangell Narrows on our way to Juneau.
We're leaving for Gustavus shortly!

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