Friday, April 11, 2014

Red Stole Progress

I think I was a bit overwhelmed with the abundance of materials to work with, and my desire (and my commissioner's hope) to include a little bit of each material in the stole.  I cut a strip from each tie or fabric length a week ago, and left them all ready to go...
Strips laid over the ironing board with the samples on the wall behind.
Finally, yesterday was the day to get started. This stole is a deacon's stole which comes across the chest from one shoulder and hangs down at the side.  I started by cutting a piece of foundation fabric (unbleached cotton) wide enough for the two pieces that will hang at the side.
The piecing has begun.

Detail of the piecing at the sewing machine.

Adding foundation fabric for the two pieces that will go over the shoulder.

Extending the piecing into the shoulder pieces.

One of the wonderful fabrics received in the box--both sides are useful. 

Piecing is still in progress, but the foundation has been cut apart--it was getting too cumbersome as one piece.
So, a good day's work!  Now to finish the piecing...

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