Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 The tower of Pisa still leans!

Some of the hawkers at the entrance tried to sell us "selfie sticks" and enjoying each other's company too. Those umbrellas were popular sellers about an hour later in a downpour.

The tower leans at a 5 degree angle. Here's an interior shot.

There over 250 stairs up, and limited to about 30 people every half hour.

Some views from the top...

And from another angle...see the slight banana curve from 20th C repair and stabilization work.

We had a wander through the cathedral near by, and I was struck by this painting...the angel seems to be taking a selfie!  Believe me, we are seeing SO many tourists taking selfies.

We had a fabulous lunch at a "hole in the wall" in a narrow lane nearby. There isn't a lot of seating--most of her business is "take away". Lloyd had roast pork with roasted veggies and potatoes, while I had spinach lasagna...3 small sheets of fresh noodle interspersed with spinach, mozzarella and sliced tomatoes. Simple and yummy.

The rain had tapered off by the time we reached the river...

After lunch we went to a special exhibition of "Modigliani et ses Amis". He's the early 20th C painter and sculptor known for his long faces. Included in the exhibit were works by Picasso, Chagall and others.

Followed by a lazy afternoon knitting (me) and snoozing/reading (Lloyd). Then another nice dinner at the same trattoria "Il Viale" as we went to last night. It was nice to be greeted warmly with recognition!

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