Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Of Hearts and Rainbows

I've been playing around with hearts...
The bit of sparkle in the centre is from some metallic embroidery in the fabric
My preference (and Janine's) is for the heart in the upper right.
The next step is to review the colour choices.  I'm considering a couple of options--these are strips of neck tie fabric laid out to asses how they might work together.
Images from the cutting table:
Not sure about that light blue strip

Light blue has been replaced, and a little more orange has been added to the lower right.  
Now is the time to go do something else, and return with fresh eyes!
This will change again when I start to stitch--I usually reduce the width of the strips considerably, so there will likely be even less blue and violet in the finished scheme.

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  1. Gosh Janet! How amazing it is to see this unfold. It's surreal watching my thoughts visualise as reality before me - kinda like painting a picture with someone else holding the brush. Feels like magic! :)