Thursday, April 16, 2015

Piecing a Rainbow

I've made good progress with these fabulous colours.  The first step was to determine the placement of the heart and then begin piecing around it, incorporating the heart into the rainbow.
I wanted to make this heart stand out from the flow of the rainbow, yet still be part of it.  This was a technical stitching challenge, and the solution came to me while riding my bike to yoga Monday morning.  Once again, the best ideas come to me while doing something physical, whether that be walking, riding or yoga...
I could therefore begin piecing...
The white cotton is the foundation.  I piece the two fronts as one section, and will cut out the two halves after the piecing is finished.
The white areas in the centre will be cut away.

I now have it hung up on my wall while I take a break and ponder the next steps.

A closer look at how I managed to incorporate the heart into the flow of the rainbow.
I'll pick this up again next Tuesday after I return from teaching a weekend colour workshop to knitters and weavers near Vancouver. I am so lucky to be able to indulge in my twin passions--knitting and sewing.

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