Friday, January 1, 2016

Hiking the Sawcut Gorge

The drive along yet another tortuous, winding, and narrow gravel road for 12 km several metres high above an almost dry river was worth it! In this photo you can see the road snaking along the distant hillside.

We were warned about getting our feet wet, and that happened with the very first river crossing.

As we progressed up the trail...not much of a trail really...just following the orange markers which were indicators of where to cross from one side of the river bed to the other, the boulders got larger and larger. We were so glad to have our poles with us.

Finally, after about 1 3/4 hours of slogging (less time for the folk behaving like gazelles and mountain goats) we were rewarded with the sight of a creek emerging from a narrow gorge. Herewith some of Lloyd's photos...

Our shoes are still not totally dry three days later. Thank goodness we have other shoes and sandals!

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