Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Designing continues

My client commented that the first sketches are beautiful, making her think of a specific stained glass window that is particularly meaningful for the family.
She wondered if a radiating pattern like this stained glass were possible -- those sun bursts that start yellow and gradually fade to red. So, I have created another couple of sketches...

This will be a bit of a departure from my usual linear swirls but I'm looking forward to the technical challenges!
Meanwhile my husband took the ties apart while watching TV and I washed them yesterday...

After a couple of rinses, I spun them in my salad spinner, and then pressed them while damp and leave them hang to dry.

So, today will be spent cutting and stitching!


  1. Like the starburst pattern a lot but I would be very conscious of its placement. For Bob, I would put the starburst higher rather than lower, so I vote for #3.

  2. I agree Paulette--I anticipate the golds/yellows at about chest height.