Saturday, February 18, 2012

A day in Mysore

Well, I was wrong about WiFi service--there's lots but a very cumbersome way of signing up which requires a mobile phone.  So, we're using the hotel's guest computer with a very grimy keyboard...  I assume months of accumulated dust, grit and oil.  The air pollution is intense from all the fires--small roadside fires burning garbage, cooking fires, and factory stacks (e.g. brick and tile kilns).  And that's too bad because we went up a local hill to see the view--a little difficult with all the haze.

Our tuk-tuk driver was great.  He met us as planned and we toured the city as planned.  He's obviously very experienced and knows that foreigners like to hear stories, understand the history of the sites, and don't always want to go shopping!

Mysore (and yes, that could be a reference to my backside after riding in a tuk-tuk over speed bumps of which there are plenty in this city) is a city of about 1 million people, about 60% Muslim.  It's hot and much drier here which is a relief from the humidity of the coast.  As an example of the dryness, I washed my pants yesterday afternoon, hung them in the bathroom and they were dry by bedtime.

We continue to enjoy the food here--veg thalis and all.

Tomorrow we head to Bangalore by bus and then on Monday fly to Jaipur.  Only three weeks left in this adventure.

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