Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our first two days in Bundi...

We're enjoying our hotel.  Here are a couple of views of our room where we spend a lot of time!
We have a very large room.
So large, that there is an extra space for lolling about...

And just outside our room is a nice little sitting area:
This is where I'm sitting right this moment.
The hotel has some interesting textile art on the walls--everything from framed embroideries to old carved wood blocks.
These are in an alcove just outside our room.

Bundi is a small town that bustles with energy--the markets are busy and the streets throng with people, although there are many young men driving their motorcycles at breakneck speeds, fingers on their horns, making it challenging for us foreign pedestrians.

Plus lots of cows and pigs grazing in the garbage.

The view from the rooftop restaurant of our hotel:
Bundi Palce, built in the early 1600s
Bundi Palace, lit up at night.
We visited the palace and fort today.
This huge elephant gate was built in 1607
The elephant theme continues in many parts of this decaying palace.

Some rooms have magnificent murals, floors and ceilings.
Ceiling of the Badal Mahal--Chinese inspired petal shapes and decorated with peacocks and Krishna.

A beautiful inlaid floor in the same room.
Looking above the palace to Chitrasala Fort (built in the 1700s) abutting the palace:

This has a beautiful garden courtyard.
Above the stairs at the back of this courtyard is a room with beautiful paintings.
The voyeur-king watching one of his wives getting dressed.
In the afternoon we visited a beautiful step-well, 46 metres deep.
It's nice to see that this has been restored and cleaned up, unlike the description of it in our  2009 Lonely Planet as a place for pigeons and bats!  

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