Friday, January 25, 2013

Knitting the Seasons--October

I'm on a roll now...
The theme for October was the beautiful oak tree in the south-west corner of our back yard.  This tree is at least 60 years old, perhaps more.
At the beginning of October it was just starting to change colour.
By Thanksgiving, those brown leaves had dropped off, and the rest of the leaves had taken on  a yellow hue.

Swatches from the yellow period.
By October 17, the leaves were turning red.

My knitting workspace--swatches are now in the red phase.  This image shows a view of my sketch book as well as the collection of yarns I was working with.  It was also useful to have some leaves on the table!
The tree on October 31st.
The collection of swatches showing the progress from green  to yellow to red.

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