Saturday, January 26, 2013

Knitting the Seasons--November--Apples

We live in a city surrounded by apple orchards.  At the beginning of November we were given a big bag of Ambrosia apples.  I was taken with the suble pattern of stripes in yellows, oranges and reds.
Ambrosia apples

Ambrosias in process--the garter stitch swatch on the right was knit with  short lengths pulled at random from the basket, wheras for the other swatch I spliced together random lengths of reds and yellows, and then knit with the reds to the left and the yellows to the right in stocking stitch.
Ambrosias with their swatches

We had bought a box of Gala apples at the Farmer's Market and by November there was one left.
It's quite a bit redder and with spots instead of stripes compared to the Ambrosias.
I had fun knitting a circular swatch while looking down at the apple stem.
The Gala swatches--the lower swatches are my impressions of their spots.
Next up--Fuji apples purchased at the indoor Farmer's Market in mid November.  These apples are a cool red and yellow-green.  They're also quite spotted and subtly striped.
Fuji apples
My sketch book showing the colours chosen, and the three swatches created.  The upper right swatch was  knit as though pivoting around its lower right corner using a combination of short rows, increases and decreases.  Fortunately it was knit with wool and easily blocked into a rectangle!
So ends the November exploration of apples.

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