Thursday, January 24, 2013

Knitting the Seasons--September

As promised, here is the second installment of my current project Knitting the Seasons.
In September, Lloyd and I joined a guided hike into the Burgess Shale in the Canadian Rockies.  Lloyd has long wanted to visit this fossil quarry and entrance is only possible on a guided hike.  I was curious to see if I was fit enough for a 10 1/2 hour hike with an 800 metre elevation change--YES!  We both enjoyed the experience so much that we're bound and determined to do more hiking next year.

We met the rest of the group in the parking lot at Takakaw Falls near Field, BC.  It was so cold (just above freezing) that we were all wearing toques and mitts.  Within an hour, after some vigorous walking up switchbacks, the first layers of clothing were peeled off.  By 1 PM we were in single layers--there was hardly a cloud in the sky and it was a balmy 25 degrees Celsius.

I was entranced with the red and green foliage of the fireweed.

In the Burgess Pass above Emerald Lake

And so my knitting inspiration for September was the red and green foliage of the Canadian Rockies...

Some images from the Wolcott Quarry (the restricted area).  We were encouraged to pick up the fossils and make rubbings but of course were not allowed to take any away with us.
A trilobite--probably the most common fossil in the quarry.

The same fossil as in the image above but reversed.

In the Wolcott Quarry high above the Burgess Pass

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