Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fes, day one

It's raining cats and dogs here today in Fes, and so we're staying inside in the central courtyard which is covered by a heavy canvas and vinyl canopy. No water is dripping down on us but the sound of the rain and wind is magnified underneath.

We're keeping warm by layering up (I am so glad I packed my merino wool pullover at the last minute) and have settled on a divan under the gas heat. Here's the state of my knitting project...just another couple of inches to go. 

But because I'm increasing every round it is now taking me about 45 minutes per round.Here's the long view from where I'm sitting...

And looking back at me...

We opened the front door of the Riad to see water pouring down the lane, so our decision to stay indoors is confirmed!  

Lloyd has just settled in under a blanket with his e-reader...

We're staying in for the moment, reading and knitting...but might venture out to the museum this afternoon. It's just about 50 m away around the corner.

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