Monday, March 12, 2012

Our last few hours in Delhi

We've been taking it easy here...lingering over breakfast each day, exploring Delhi via the very efficient Metro, having lunch at the same dosa (South Indian pancake) shop, and getting ready to come home.

This morning we "made" water for the last time.  We have mostly avoided buying bottle water and have instead filtered and treated our own drinking water (about 200 L during our trip) by using a "SweetWater Microfilter" that I bought at Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver.

At the end of the black hose is a "pre-filter".  Water is pumped from the bucket through a ceramic filter and into a water bottle.  We also add chlorine as an extra precaution.

There is a large bucket in every bathroom which is usually the way Indians bathe--and we have usually done this too because less water is used.  However we've also used the bucket for filtering our water and rinsing laundry.

Our shoes are still holding up, although they're grimy and well-worn as are Lloyd's feet!

Note the hole in Lloyd's sock--he has already thrown out one pair.  I've been very happy with how comfortable my Keens have been.
We visited a very well-maintained park this morning, the site of memorials to Mahatma Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi and other illustrious Indian politicians.  Rajiv Gandhi's memorial was particularly attractive, a large cement platform with swirls etched in it, surrounding a lotus flower:

I think this would be even more effective in the rain.
After lunch today Lloyd went off on his own and found the long-sought-after kitchen tongs (we had admired the ones at Vicky's) and a chai pot--he is all set to experiment with making masala chai at home.

We've already checked in on-line, and our BA flight leaves Indira Gandhi Airport at 7 AM Tuesday morning--that's about 13 1/2 hours from now.  We have about a 5 hour wait in Heathrow before the flight to Calgary, arriving there around 7:30 PM.  Our flight to Kelowna arrives at 9:59PM!

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