Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Tree of Life stole, Part 2

Herewith some images of the stole progress:
Kristen sent along this sketch for the stole design.

My interpretation

The stole design takes shape:  I drew the outlines of roots, branches and leaves on the unbleached cotton foundation fabric.

Stuffing the "roots"--a large eyed darning needle has been threaded with cotton yarn.

The "roots" from the topside.

The two halves of the stole are on my design wall.  The stitching and stuffing has been completed.

Detail view.
I'm now making the many leaves which will be appliqued on top.
I used fusible interfacing to stabilize the fabric, and then stitched leaf shapes through the layers.

Each shape was stitched twice, then cut out.  Cutting a slit in one side allows the shape to be turned right side out.

Some finished leaves.
I have many more leaves to stitch and turn!  A good project while listening to the radio...

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